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Hey Aaron.
Hope all is well. Just wanted to say we dropped slick chick down with the two male john wall pups and they did a fantastic job this morning ! Stuck with the rabbit for over an hour with no stop running ! About four or five very small and quick checks and the race stayed steady ! Just wanted to thank you again from Sam and James.
I have had him at home for a couple of months and he hunts, starts and circles his own rabbit in the wild all the time. He is as you stated. medium speed, good check work and a close in hunter. He is a pleasure to take to the woods, as he does partner with me when he hunts, rather than going off independent on his own. We spend time chasing rabbits, rather than me chasing the dog.  Thanks Hayden   Pennsylvaina
Big thanks for the 2 Ike Pups, and yes they do love a Florida rabbit !!
They are everything you said they were !!   Michael Sands,  Tallahassee Florida
 Thanks for being the man you are. I asked you for 13" Female close on line, Tight in the check, and med speed.  I never met you did not know about your dogs or kennels, I talked to you and you said you needed another week but dog hauler was coming next day. She is what i asked for, and i am finishing her and she is fun to watch.  Thanks again for being a man that his word means something and a man you can trust.  Thanks again,  Joe Dougherty, New Jresey

Thanks, the hounds were exactly as you described them. I love to watch them work; all business with excitement! Thanks again and know you and your ministry will continue to be in my prayers. I look forward to doing business with you again. I would love to have a good solid young black and tan with trail potential.  Tracy Mayfield, Alabama
I ran the Joe male with one of my dogs.  We have about 5 inches of frozen snow and it was 25 degrees, they ran for a hour and 20 minutes.  He hunts and runs good just what I was looking for.  Thank you he's a nice dog.  Anthony Ruggerio, Beacon Falls, Connecticut.
Thank you for the response and the pictures. We have received the dogs and they are remarkable.
Loyld and Reggie Bell.   Seguin Texas
Aaron, Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know what a fine dog R&R Bayou Red is. I took her out with a buddy of mine and she is everything you described her as being. She has EXCELLENT line control and is a very obedient dog. She is a real joy to hunt behind. We shot 4 nice rabbits over her. She ran a total of 6 with two finding holes otherwise I am sure we would have shot them as well. Once again thanks for a fine beagle look forward to having you back to Oklahoma to go hunting!!! Eric York

Wanted you to know how much I like the little bitch I purchased a few weeks ago. Been runnning he alone and shooting rabbits with her. She is a pleasure to have in the kennel and is just exactly as you described.  Please feel free to use me as a reference.  Fred Edwars in Kentucky
Bacon Creek Dark Connie is doing great,  she always makes it to the winners pack but not enough speed. But is a great hunting dog. Super pleased with the way she works. You could not ask for a better dog.   Rodney McGowan in Indiana

Pepper is everything you said she was. I'm extremely happy with her. I've been running her every day , except on sundays. She is willing to run behind and is very close on checks.  Don't  be afraid to E-Mail me. Thanks again, your friend Dan Cobb in New Jersey
We finally had good running conditions today. It was upper 30's and sunny. Switch got locked on and nobody could touch her. She stroked that rabbit and would run him right to the pile he was hiding in. We ran for 2.5 hours and had to catch them on the track. She handles like a dream too.Before today, it was hard running. The snow was powdery and nobody could carry a track for very far. We are very happy with her. Thanks very much for selling her to us. Our derby trials start in the end of March and we will be running her and my other derbies then. I will let you know how she does. Thanks again.
 Ted and Alyssa Kilcoyne in Wisconsin
Good morning Aaron, I ran billy,tammy,belle,and star burst yesterday evening they run great together we had 3 good runs longest 1 was about 40 minutes they all slot very nice but tammy wants the front most of the time,just wanted to thank you again for the nice dogs i have know.
Your friend Dave in West Virginia
Aaron, Just wanted to let you know we had a decent cool morning here in Warrenton, and had a chance to run the little male yesterday.  I ran him with two nice three year old females that can really run a nice rabbit.  They ran for over 40 minutes and he got his share of the work on those girls, and we have been in a drought all summer long with no signs of any rain in the next three weeks.  Even under these awful scenting conditions he showed he’s got an excellent nose, and is snappy on the checks which I can see why you said he got a ton of talent.  I look forward to taking him out again this weekend and watching him get more confidence on the next chase.  He also has a great honest mouth, stays busy looking for a rabbit, and handles great.  I’m very happy with him looking forward to the Derby trails, and hunting him this season.                                                                                                                                                       Thanks again, Frank Martin in Virigina.
Phone numbers for these individuals can be given but not posted on the site...
Thanks, Aaron


"What is a Derby?"
I've had alot of people ask me that question, so I thought I should answer the question. Example: A 2009 Derby is a pup born between July 1, 2007 and June 30 of 2008. Most AKC field trialers will breed their females to whelp as early in this time frame as possible. Ideal is July, because the Derby will be older and have more time to mature before Derby trials in the fall of 2008. This will give you the most time for training your pup before Derby Nationals in late April 2009.


I have had many people contact me this winter about my Rabbit Hunting Beagles, and I want to thank everyone for their interest.  I also have had many of you ask me for a Meat Hound or a Hard Hunting Jump Dog.  Most of you want that hound for around $200.  I want to encourage everyone to read the article at the bottom of my home page intitled, "What a Good Beagle is Worth."  With that being said I also wanted to write a little information on what kind of beagle I breed for and try to answer some of your questions.


Qualites that I Breed and Train

I want to list the qualities that I breed for in my hounds and I will explain a few in detail.
All these qualities are based on my personal desire of what I want in a Rabbit Beagle and is my personal opinion.  I  know that all beaglers do not agree on what they want in a beagle, and that is okay, but these qualities are what I desire and I breed for:
    1. 13" & 15" beagles:   As set forth by AKC regulations and standards. 
    2. Line control:  The beagle should run the line and that alone. They should stay close to the check area or lose because that is where the line is at.  It is okay to move out to search, but they should search from the inside out.
    3. Speed Control:  A good line control beagle should not run faster than the conditions and his ability allows.  Running faster than he can control causes him to lose the line and that is what I don't want to happen.
    4. Contributes to the pack:  When running in a pack each hound should contribute to the progress of the line.  If one hound gets the check, the other hounds should honor the lead hound and not compete or disrupt the flow on the line. Some field trialers call it "putting ducks in a row".  A good pack should never lose the line and make running the rabbit seem effortless.  That's what every rabbit hunter loves to hear, a good race.
    5.  Kennel manners:  I don't tolerate barking in the kennel, especially at night.  I've noticed that most of the problem of barking at night is caused because the dog is nervous in the kennel, so I stay away from shy hounds.
    6.  Hunt:  I want to talk about this quality a little more in detail because this is the most desired quality for most rabbit hunters who contact me.  Most of the rabbit dogs I sell are to rabbit hunters and that is good.  And almost all of them only ask about this one trait.  To me I rate it lower than the others because the desire to find a rabbit should be the easiest quality to breed into your bloodline. 


Why I say that HUNT is the lowest and easiest on my list of qualities to bred for.
When I was running good 'ole country boy beagles in the 70's and 80's they were whatever my dad bought me that would run a rabbit. Some of them were given to me.  I remember a pair of males my dad bought from a friend for $150, and I think they ran a rabbit?  I don't remember because I spent all my time trying to catch'em.  All they wanted to do was find a rabbit, they didn't know what to do after they found it, but they sure could jump one. I spent more time in those years trying to catch dogs; it made rabbit hunting no fun at all.  I decided when I got back into beagling later that I wasn't going to put myself through that again.  I found out I had to spend some serious cash to ensure that.  Believe me when I say it is worth a little extra money to buy a better rabbit dog and have fun hunting rabbits.....not "hunting" your dogs.
When people ask me how a certain hound hunts that is for sale on my site, I tell them that it probably doesn't hunt as hard as they are used to, but that my hounds obey. I breed and train my hounds to hunt, search and stay busy, but stay close. Hounds should hunt where I go, not wherever they want.  My hounds stay close to me, within 20-30 yards, and are ready at all times to my tally ho.  A tally ho is when I jump a rabbit, they respond to my command very quickly.  This is a quality that they also need to have for field trials.
Bottom line on hunt, my hounds hunt medium, but handle great.  I prefer a hound that will stay busy and keep attentive to me and my commands.  This enables me to hunt my pack most anywhere, and many places that alot of other people can't because they can't control their hounds.



I do not sell puppies for house pets
Have you ever looked for beagle puppies for sale online? There is certainly no shortage of folks trying to make a buck off of beagle puppies. Don’t confuse these puppy pushing sites with actual beagle breeders who are constantly working to improve the breed.

Do a quick Google search and see where that lands you. Type in beagle puppies for sale in (add your state.)

You will see several commercial sites listing beagle puppies for sale. Look at those pups. Where are the pictures of their parents? Why do they look so drawn up? I can tell you the answers to these questions and even more concerning these puppy mill sites.

First if you read their literature you will find them constantly harping on the notion that they are not selling puppies from “puppy mills.” That is simply not true!

Where are the pictures of the puppy’s parents? If a prospective buyer saw them they would never contact the puppy pushing site. Any respectable breeder will be delighted to show you the parentage of any puppy. This is what a breeder pours many hours of his efforts into. The idea the new puppy owners will get as much enjoyment from the breed as the breeder himself has enjoyed is one of the driving forces behind most breeders.

Why do the puppies look drawn up or “pointy nosed?” Simply put that’s the way they are breed. They are not quality beagle puppies. Pics above is what a beagle puppy should look like:
Another notion these puppy pushing sites try to plant in the prospective puppy owners head is the idea that they do not deal with “backyard breeders.” Now what does that mean you might ask? Who lives in a backyard? Breeders and their families of course.
Who are the Breeders of Merit as Recognized by the American Kennel Club? The top fanciers and exhibitors of the breed. These Breeders of Merit live in homes and these homes have back yards. You will look long and hard to find a quality puppy being cared for in anything other than a beagle fanciers own home, i.e…back yard.

Oh I have heard their sales pitch. I have been contacted by these fast talking puppy pushing sites. Them, hoping to get more puppies to offer, All the time they are explaining how they vet the buying family to insure they will be able to separate them from their hard earned cash. Getting them to fall in love with a poor specimen before it even arrives at their home. This insures a family will not want to return the pup as they realize what they got was not the beautiful beagle they had hoped for.

I’m not saying those sites never have a quality puppy to offer. I personally don’t know any AKC Breeders of Merit who offers puppies through these sites. Don’t be scammed by one of these puppy sites! Do your own research and seek out a quality beagle breeder who does have the breed’s best interest in mind.

There is an old saying; “You get what you pay for.” In the case of puppies this holds true. Just be sure what you are paying for is not a “boiler room” of professional sales people who are highly trained at separating the puppy buyer from his money. These sites often will advertise poor specimen puppies for more than double what a first quality pup should cost.


Friend of mine in West Columbia, WV has several nice young males for sale out Field champion Sires.  They are running good and you can call him for more info and a time to try them.  Dave Hall 304-593-0189

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